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Any good sports club needs a healthy Youth section to ensure longevity and a bright future; after all they’re the next generation.

Our club coach Andrew Wilson (L3) designed our Minis and Junior Coaching Syllabus which structures our coaching for ages between 4yrs and 14yrs.  We’re one of only handful of clubs nationally which have such a document which makes our Junior section unique, ensuring only the best coaching is provided for your child.  The syllabus forms an essential part of our excellent Youth Academy across all age ranges as it ensures we give the correct level of coaching in line with their bodies development.  There are three sides to it;


1) Physical; this ensures our Minis and Juniors are not over worked as at between the ages of 4 & 14 their bodies are growing rapidly and preparing for the “big push”.  


2) Mental; between the ages of 4 and 14yrs the brain is under going some rapid changes and it’s just as important to engage the brain and again not over work it.


3) Success/Loss & Respect; understanding success and loss are also key in any sport as well as respecting your opponents and own team meets. 


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