If you’re a current club member and looking for your membership form you can download it here Membership Form as well as confirming the fees for the current season.


If you’re a new club member, interested in joining the club as a player or social member or want to give hockey a go?  Please feel free to contact Ed Carter here or send an e-mail to to find out more information. If you decide to join and are 16 and over your first training session is totally free. We can help provide you with equipment, all you need to bring is trainers/turf shoes and shin guards (if you start to play regularly you would need to purchase your own equipment)



The club is reliant on the members for all of its funding, this takes the form of an annual membership subscription along with weekly match and training fees.  There are two ways you can pay your fees either daily in cash Pay-as-you-Go or monthly by Standing Order, this seasons fees are confirmed below.




Junior Training – £3 per session (click here for timetable)

Senior Training – £3 per session (click here for timetable)

Junior match Fees – £5 per game (click here for timetable)

Senior Match Fees – £10 per game (click here for timetable)



Senior (over 18 in employment) – £190 per season

Adult (over 18 in full time education or not in employment) – £60 per season

Young Adult (under 18 in employment) – £60 per season

Junior (under 18 in full time education and playing senior hockey) – £60 per season

Registered Mini (Sunday Coaching/Juniors not playing senior hockey) – £10 per season

Social/Official (Non-playing – Coaches/Managers/Umpires/Helpers) – £10 per season


Concessionary (Please contact Ed Carter who will agree a fee suitable to your needs in the strictest confidence)



NOTE:  In line with England Hockey welfare guidance, a child under 13 on 1st January cannot take part in adult league hockey and if a “Registered Mini” starts playing adult hockey during the season, only the extra £35 part of the Junior fee is payable

Standing Order (SO):

Your standing order can cover your annual subscription/match fees or annual subscriptions/match fees/training fees what ever suites you and is spread over 12 months on a continuing basis no need for renewal.  You can get an SO Mandate Form from behind the bar this should be completed and handed to your Captain ASAP.


Junior – £22.50 per month

Senior – £ 40.66 per month


All subs are due by the 31st October of each season, that means either full payment or a SO mandate must be received by that date. If neither is received then we reserve the right to increase the subs by £10 for every month that they are late and to not select the individual concerned for any team.  If you are unsure of your status then please ask your captain or Ed Carter.  If there are any circumstances that you feel are exceptional then please contact Ed Carter to discuss this (e.g. what is full time education?)


If you have difficulties in paying your subs then again please contact Ed Carter to discuss how we may help this includes any players who are only available occasionally.


The club relies heavily on funds received in this way so please make every effort to ensure that you sort this out as soon as possible.


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