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The inaugural Vasity Challenge was an exciting beginning to what will be a lifetime event. 2022 was a showcase event, with both teams playing some fantastic. It looked like the Varsity XI wasa going to win the tight battle, only to be stumped at the final play of the game where the Club XI slotted away a penalty corner and sent the game into a shoot out. The Varsity XI won the shoot to claim the inaigural match.

2023 brings a brand new Club XI to face the Varsity XI, who have made seven changes to the line up, as players have finished uni.

Join us in celebrating the club and support those who have ventiured off to University. Let us reminbd them what an incredible club SHC is. The match will commence at 1400.

Walking Hockey will take place from 1200 - 1300 and we invite you all to come down catch up with friends you have not seen sincre before Christmas and walk off some of that Christmas goodness. We invite you to bring your left over Christmas feast to share and drink merrily in the clubhouse while watching some A Class hockey at 1400.

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