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Heading into the mid-season break, we take a look at the first half of the season of our senior teams. Today we delve into the women's 2nd XI.

Season: 2022/2023

League: South East Hockey - Division 6 Invicta

Position: 2nd

Wins: 9

Draws: 1

Losses: 0

Points: 28

Kirsty Neame - Captain - Women's 2nd XI

Sittingbourne W2s have had a brilliant first half of the season. So far they are undefeated and have worked hard to be second in the league. In every game, they are building more as a team, gaining confidence and enjoying every moment. Their skills were tested in a game against Marden were the game ended with a 1-1 draw, but they were positive and kept their heads held high. They have scored 72 goals between them so far, let’s try and beat this in the next half.

Stephen Mina-Jones - Coach - Women's 2nd XI

SHC has worked hard over the summer of 2022, to recruit new players to the club. After the pandemic the club took a decision to drop our woman's' 2nd XI. This season with a hugh influx of players, we enter back into the South East League. By doing so, this meant we have had to start in the bottom league. Which makes this hard for both our opposition and us. As a number of our players have previously played for our woman's 1st XI.

We have not had it easy dispute the scorelines. Each team we have come up against has made it hard for the team in many different ways. In most cases, teams play against us in a defensive structure. This has allowed me to alter our match day plan to ensure that each player is working towards an individual goal and our team goal. Essentially setting us up, if we are able to achieve promotion and playing against stronger opposition.

It's been highly encouraging how quickly the newest members of the team, four of them who have never played hockey before, have mastered the core skills. To counter balance this, I have been impressed with those who have been playing hockey for a while have utilised their experience to support the team when I have not been able to attend matches.

This is an exciting time for the women's section and the club is looking forward to see how the womens section thrives in the next couple of season.

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